LFF Training

IGF Training from Gassteknikk

The IGF training from Gassteknikk is divided into 2 steps. LFF BASIC and LFF ADVANCED.

Basic training
is required for all personnel employed on vessels subject to the IGF Code. Advanced training is an additional training, required for personnel with responsible for bunkering and maintenance on vessels subject to the IGF Code.

LFF Basic Training

The LFF BASIC training consists of the following three steps:

  1. E-learning module which can be carried out on a cell phone, tablet or computer. The participant needs to complete e-learning before the next step.
  2. Practical training and assessment at a safety training centre. The module takes approximately 4 hours.
  3. Theoretical “final test” in a classroom. The participant has one hour available.

When you enroll the course, you will receive account details which give you access to the theoretical part of the course: E-learning. Use your log in to start and fulfil the course. You will have access to the E-learning platform for 12 months from the first login.

After fulfilling the BASIC course, the participant will get a diploma which is required to apply for COP. See also: “IGF COP”

LFF Advanced Training

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have done changes in our Advanced course concepts.

LFF Advanced training is required for all personnel who are responsible for bunkering and maintenance onboard an IGF vessel. You need to fulfil the LFF Basic course before you can take our Advanced training.

The course will be run remotely via Microsoft Teams platform. After enrolment, participants will receive information and details for the course and framework. A personal e-mail will be sent each participant with a code for the “main course” and also a “digital group room” for solving tasks in smaller groups. You will need a PC / tablet with camera and speaker for the lectures. Compendium for the course can be downloaded from Mintra TrainingPortal/OCS. The course will run over 3 days.

How to enroll to our LFF courses?

By clicking the button below you will get information on "How to become a Company Administrator (CA)" and thereafter how to enroll participants for a course. You can select between geographic areas by clicking the button below.