LFF Basic-training

The basic training is required for all personnel on the crew list. The training must be accomplished before the personell start sailing.

The training consists of three steps: 

  1. E-learning module, can be done on a cellphone, a tablet or a computer. Participant need to complete e-learning before the next step.

  2. Practical training and assessment on a safety training centre. The module takes approximatly 4 hours.

  3. Theoretical exam in a classroom. Participant has one hour available.

After fulfilling the BASIC course the participant will get a diploma, and can start sailing.

How to enrollment - LFF BASIC

By clicking on the links below you will get information on "How to become a Company Administrator (CA)" and thereafter enrollment participants on a course. You can select between those geograpic areas by clicking the links below.

NOTE! If you have a large group of participants > 100, please send us a request at the contact form so we can give you an offer!


When do we have available courses?

Check out our course calendar for available courses


About LFF ADVANCED-training

The advanced training is required for personnel with responsibility for bunkering and maintenance onboard LFF ships. We offer companies different solutions for running these lectures. The requirement of the Company determines where these courses will be held.

  1. Classroom lectures only.

  2. Classroom lectures in combination with excursion on a IGF ship.

  3. Lectures onbord an IGF ship including a bunkring and will be done in cooperation with Fjordline or other companies.

The price depend on the number of participants and and how the training is carried out . Please use our contact form  to receive an offer!